Best Practice Bookkeeping Habits

Good Accounting Is Crucial to the Growth & Longevity

Full accounting needs an audit trail for tax purposes. Ledger Rite offers computerized accounting services for your business in both desktop and online software. We also offer training and consulting in Quick Books, Peachtree, and Spreadsheet service.

Full-Service Bookkeeping Includes

Data Entry: Entering all checks, deposits & cash expenses for Checking or Savings Accounts, to also include data entry of all business credit card statements.

Bank Reconciliations: This Helps us insure a complete audit trail.

Our accounting department will look at all your cash receipts to make sure you get credit for any business-related expenses.

We will print the following reports for you to review:


 Profit Loss Report

Revenue – Cost of Good = Gross
Profit Gross Profit – Expenses = Net Profit


General Ledger Report

The general ledger is a company’s master account book, with all the various accounts in one place.


Balance Sheet

Assets + Liabilities = Equity



Once all of the above have been completed our tax department will be happy to review your situation and advise accordingly.

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