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Payroll Service Saline-Ann ArborThere are a variety of options for you to pay yourself and your employees. We can also take care of paying those pesky payroll taxes that come along with running payroll. For those go-getters out there, here are the links to get your started:

All business must register with Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). All Federal taxes can be paid using this system. All payroll related payments must be made through this system, 940’s and 941’s.  The website to get started is: To get started click “Enroll”, make sure you have your EIN number ready along with the bank account you would like to use for payments.

If you are a Michigan Employer, you must register with the Michigan Treasury Online system (MTO). This is the Michigan Department of Treasury’s web access for many different business taxes. You will use this site to file, pay and manage your tax accounts. All Michigan Withholding payroll taxes must be filed and paid through this site. The website to use to get started is: **As a heads up if you have not registered for Michigan Unemployment, MTO will take you there before it allows you to complete the registration process with them.

To manage your Michigan Unemployment Account (UIA), you will need to register your business through MiWAM. The website to do this is: Make sure you know your EIN, what kind of company you are and what type of business you are registered as with the State of Michigan.

If you are an Ohio Employer, or have employees who live in Ohio, you must register with the Ohio Business Gateway. To do this you will need to click the “Never used the Gateway – Create an Account” link under the login information. The website to do use is: This will be your one stop shop for all Ohio related taxes, including school and city tax.

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